Remote Codes - A-trend

A-trend AD-L528

With the drawer closed, and with no disc in it. Press 7,6 and select on the remote, and this will take you into the firmware settings, use the arrows on the remote to scroll down to the region setting and change to whatever region you require then press enter. Then scroll to the bottom where it says 'next page' and press enter then on the next page scroll to the macro vision settings and press enter twice or until '0' is shown and the macro vision is disabled. Then press set-up to exit. If you turn the machine off, the macrovision will have to be set to disabled again.


Take any disk out of player, press pause on remote control press 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9 on remote control and the word CODE will appear in the DVD player's window press the key for the region e.g., 1 for USA. Press pause again Turn player off then on again


Switch on DVD player, press 'stop' on the remote, press '1','9','9','9' then 'enter' and the zone menu appears select 'all' to de-regionize the player

A-trend LE511

Switch on the DVD player and Press: STOP, 1, 9, 9, and 9. The hidden menu appears. Set the "Zone" field to ALL


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